Rachel Rosenthal has been in the improv business for a long time.

Corporate workshops

Improv helps business! Leadership, group dynamic & effective communication are just a few of the skills improv can help cultivate to get your team working together.


Come see a live show! Rachel performs with lots of different teams around the country, and has 2 weekly shows Thursdays & Saturdays in NYC.

classes & Coaching

Are you an improviser looking for a class? A team searching for a coach? An actor who needs to get comfy performing with or without a script? Rachel can help in-person or online.

Rachel Rosenthal is a comedian and improviser with over 15 years' experience.


She is also a free-style rapper. Currently residing in NYC, Rachel works at The Peoples Improv Theater where she teaches improv and performs weekly.  Rachel also tours nationally & internationally teaching and performing. The Huffington Post called her an “improv whirlwind.” But feel free to make your own observations.