A Skilled Instructor


Rachel has been a faculty improv instructor at Miami Ad School, LessonFace Online, Reckless Theatre, and at The Peoples Improv Theater where she was awarded the 2014 PIT Teacher of the Year. She has led improv workshops all over the world from Barcelona to Vancouver to Hawaii and has worked with everyone from CEOs to TV actors to college students. Rachel’s “mistakes are gifts” philosophy empowers her students; getting the most unlikely candidates comfortable with trying, failing, and embracing “mistakes.”  She also teaches Corporate Training to businesses and schools.

Improv for Performers

Rachel is available for improv coaching, workshops, private classes, and rehearsals. Specialities include: long-form improv, free-form edits, emotionally grounded scene-work, as well as hip hop and musical improv.  She also teaches freestyle rapping. Before your first meeting, she will chat with you to assess your group’s needs, and then create a rehearsal to best meet those focuses and help your group best improve!

Upcoming Classes

“Rachel has a way of making a total group of strangers foster a comfortable and safe environment. She was always encouraging and nurturing. Even when you were being corrected, you knew it came from a place of wanting to see you do better.”
— Frank B., PIT Level One Improv Student
“Rachel is a very passionate and giving teacher. She genuinely cares about each student’s progress and is amazing at providing supportive suggestions to help build skills and break habits.”
— Morgan G, PIT Improv Student
“Wow! I loved Rachel. She’s a solid instructor. She could feel our energy throughout the session, and knew exactly how the group was feeling and call it out. Then, we’d all work through it together. Super awesome.”
— PIT Improv Student