2013: A Year In Raero Review

TRUTH IS: I know I joke around a lot on Facebook about the state of my love life among other things - but I truly can not complain. 2013 was pretty cool. Some highlights include:

  • Cast onto a house team at the People’s Improv Theater!!

  • Getting called an “Improv Whirlwind” by the Huffington Post (Never gonna stop talking about that sorry)

  • Awesome Road trip across Oregon Coast to Seattle

  • Got cast in, and started shooting, a really fun Web Series 

  • Shows with Rachel Dratch and Josh Radnor. Meeting Kevin McDonald and Maria Bamford.

  • North Coast’s AMAZING festival sets at both WICF and North Carolina Comedy Arts Fest

  • Unforgettable Halloween show with Family Haircut

  • Being a Guest on “You’re the Expert” show/podcast

  • Phone calls and songs from my adorable nephew who not only talks now, but sings

  • Finally starting to get in shape! Sunday workouts with Ryan, Keith, and Taylor

  • Gorgeous and relaxing week in Cabo

  • And all of the wonderful new people I’ve met and befriended…

There have been a lot of laughs.

Still, I’m hoping for MORE in 2014. Like, way more.

Family Haircut

Family Haircut