2014: A Year In Raero Review

Scrolling through old photos from the past year, I started to piece together just how incredible the last year has been. I am truly grateful to North Coast, Family Haircut, Big Bang and the People’s Improv Theater - and to all of the stages that have let me perform or teach an art that I just love so much. I am humbled by the successes, stronger from the failures, and motivated by the unknowns in the year to come…

I did so much laughing this year - and I can’t wait to do more.

I did a Round Up last year - so why not do another one to celebrate 2014? Happy Holidays & New Year everyone!

#STATS. I performed in 134 Shows in 2014.

Comedy Highlights:

  • Travel! It was a year of numerous Improv Festivals & away gigs with North Coast and Big Bang - Atlanta, Sarasota, Vancouver, Bethlehem PA, WICF in Boston, & of course, NYIF, DCM… 

  • So much North Coast Press. (NY Times, Village Voice, Herald Tribune!) Specifically this Top Ten Time Out NY thing, which was preeeeety sweet. 

  • RISK! Everything surrounding it. Getting the initial email from Kevin… the terrifying live performance itself. Then, making it into the podcast and receiving overwhelming feedback, press, and support.  Just all of that in general was pretty life changing.

  • North Coast recording a live album onstage for OH SHIT Inspirado Challenge at the Magnet. Unforgettable.

  • After a year of shooting etc, the Alex and Jane webseries finally came out on the web!

You’re the Expert Appearances w/ Christian Finnegan, Myq Kaplan, Chris Duffy & more.

  • So. many. podcasts! (Risk!, Slate’s The Gist, Dale Radio, You’re the Expert, The Gamut)

  • Going to Slate.com w/ and meeting the incredible Mike Pesca and then teaching him to freestyle on The Gist podcast!

  • Writing and shooting the insane BlackCoin music video.

  • Getting thru numerous rounds of callbacks for Blank! The Musical, my first ever Off-Broadway audition.

  • Writing original Characters to perform in an industry showcase

  • Feeling stage fright for the first time in a long time before the first Family Haircut Dance show

  • Performing comedy for the NYPD

  • Teaching my first ever 8 week improv class at the PIT. And then another… and another… 

  • Named 2014 PIT Instructor of the Year, NBD

  • Performing in BeerProv at the legendary Webster Hall!

Also… some amazing Non Comedy Highlights: 

  • Two of my best friends in the world having babies!!  Meeting Avery Conlon and Jonah Mellette.

  • Traveling around Vancouver #poutine

  • Moving in w/ the wonderful KFon

  • Going to SNL w/ Natasha

  • A million trips to Brooklyn Bridge Park

  • Putting my little Keaton to bed and hearing him say that tonight he’ll dream of “the moon and the stars.”

  • The night of the “Murder Box” w/ Maxitor as my witnesses

I am truly grateful for all of the opportunities and laughter. And 2015 is already looking pretty darn good… let’s see what it brings.