2016: The Raeroshow Year in Review

Every year I like to look back and see what I worked on creatively. [See previous round-ups.] With the political and social climate so incredibly sad and scary in the United States, this task feels less rewarding than usual. I've been dragging my feet at the idea of looking back. But, let's chug along and get through shall we? Maybe it'll even make me feel better.

First up, #Stats: I performed in over 113 shows in 2016.

Thank you to improv shows and teams North Coast, Big Bang, BeerProv, and Nemesis as well as numerous other groups and performers I had the chance to play with this year.

This was my second year as a full time freelance performer, comedian, and improv teacher. The fact that I support myself doing what I love is something that still excites and surprises me every day.


  • This American Life! I achieved a 9-year dream of telling a story on my favorite Podcast. Not only that, I got to sit down and talk one-on-one with Ira Glass for 2 hours.

  • North Coast had a blast in Florida on our first official Tour: The #NoCoSoFloTo

  • A whole new wave of challenge and inspiration came via the new North Coast historical musical show, ANYBODY (aka "improvised Hamilton"). This led to the Amelia Earhart show which will go down as one of the most incredible on-stage performance experiences of my life. (More in 2017!)

  • I spent a week with BeerProv performing on a cruise ship!

  • I told a story live for Refinery29

  • I performed in Miami, Boca, Sarasota, Boston, Philly, Portland, York PA, Skidmore College, and of course - on a ship in the middle of the Caribbean!

  • I went "back to school" at Reckless Theatre! A most rewarding experience which has led to...

  • Nemesis! Can't believe how lucky I've been to join this brand new super-team of improv talent.

  • I Co-produced and hosted a brand new variety show, Tiki Torch Comedy Variety hour, along side friends, Mike Zakarian and Tao Yang.

  • Created some really fun videos, including My Ovaries Exploded and Bad Date Diaries

  • I had the honor of presenting at the SheKnows.com NewFronts (alongside Renée Elise Goldsberry aka Angelica Schuyler!)

  • I taught Freestyling / song-writing (with Kaila and Mark) at the William Alexander Middle School in Brooklyn to some of the most inspiring 7th graders I've ever met. Their songs blew me away.

  • I worked on improv with the folks over at Microsoft!

  • I built a bunch of websites, including those for Lady Parts Justice, Anne Marie Cullen, and Culinary Art Therapy.

  • Followed the fear, and continued on with a run of my Solo Show in NYC and then a show in Boston.

  • Interviewed with JewishBoston about my career, improv, and my solo show.

  • Oh, And I cried as I voted for First U.S. Female Presidential nominee.

“That’s fine with me as long as I get to have sex with some windows!” Rachel Rosenthal shouted.
— Sweet quote in the press from The Portland Mercury
This GIF HAPPENED. We are in a Clown Car!

This GIF HAPPENED. We are in a Clown Car!

Rachel and Ira Glass, of  This American Life .

Rachel and Ira Glass, of This American Life.

Failing at on-stage pushup in Miami at JTF. Photo: Carolyn Boyer

Failing at on-stage pushup in Miami at JTF. Photo: Carolyn Boyer

Ya know what? I do feel better.

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