That Little Thing Called Fear

I've spoken to a lot of people who say how "brave" it is for me to have quit my day job to pursue comedy. But, the truth is - it's not like I just woke up one day and did it... I dreamt it. I wanted it. I thought about it for a million minutes until I talked myself out of it.

Then... I thought about it some more - talked to some friends who were "full time performers" and asked for their advice. Then, I spoke to a (wonderful) Career Coach about quitting my job...  talked myself into it and out of it again.

It wasn't until I said it out loud - "I am going to do this" -  that I knew it was actually going to happen. And that I set it into motion. 

Once I heard myself say out loud what I was going to do - I finally took the step.  Or... shall I say - the very first step. I created a plan and put everything into place piece by piece... and when the day finally came (over a year later) to give my notice to my boss, I still thought of reasons not to do it! It took a few yelling friends to make me finally pull that plug. Afterwards... it felt amazing. But what was holding me back for so long?

Fear, of course - what else? Why do we (not) do anything? Fear. It's always fear, dear. 

I was once told that guilt was a pointless emotion - an emotion that just makes us feel crappy about stuff that we often can't do anything about. So... I started to think - is fear also a pointless emotion? An emotion that only holds us back?  Well, I'm sure the initial purpose of fear was to protect humans from harm - but over thousands of years, that emotion has evolved and fear has created hesitancy for those wanting to take risks, and try new things,... basically: do things that they know they want to do. But they won't. I've been weighing this idea... and I've decided: No. No, fear is not a pointless emotion. Because, without fear -  how else would you know what you truly desired? Fear is, in fact, a pointing emotion - it points us towards what we need to see. Fear points us in the direction that we need to walk.


What are you afraid of? What has been stopping you from achieving something fulfilling?


I'm afraid to ________ even though I want to.

So far, I have heard some really thought-provoking fears... 

I am afraid to quit drinking for one month even though I want to.
I'm afraid to pursue a career in acting even though I want to.
I'm afraid to quit acting and go back to a day job even though I want to.
I am afraid to break up with my girlfriend even though I want to.
I'm afraid to travel even though I want to.
I'm afraid to leave my husband even though I want to.
I'm afraid to ask for a raise even though I want to.

What do you want?  Help me fill in the blank. I want to hear it not only because it will add to the conversation.... but, because, my dear, once you write it or say it out loud - you'll be a few steps closer to doing it.

You can thank me later.