“Rachel is among the most knowledgeable instructors I’ve ever worked with in the comedy business.”
— Ryan Hill, Programming Director, ArtsQuest (Bethlehem, PA)

Improv for Business: How it Works


Rachel talks with Never Stop Learning about applying the tools of improv to a business environment.

Applying the tenets of Improv to a corporate setting has become a proven business advantage and many organizations have made it a staple in cultivating more positive and effective work environments. (See ForbesCNN and Slate.com.) Applied improv strengthens skills such as communicating effectively, reacting in the moment, collaborating with teammates, actively listening to clients, boosting employee confidence, and creating more successful leaders.  

Every one of Rachel Rosenthal's workshops are tailored to the goals of your organization based on pre-workshop planning meetings. By extracting your team’s specific Business Objectives and balancing them with the pillars of improv, (listening, eye contact, support, and saying “yes”), we will create a 100% hands-on, interactive workshop that will help you accomplish what you set out to achieve.

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“Working with Rachel is magical. The participants walked away with a new set of skills and were inspired for the rest of the conference. I plan on hiring her again for next year’s event!”
— Mollie West, VergeNYC
“Rachel’s improv workshop was the highlight of a departmental strategic offsite. The session was engaging and energizing—not only a great way to finish the day on a high note, but also to give the team new insights into how to collaborate effectively. Rachel went out of her way to understand her audience, and as a result they both loved the workshop, and learned from it.”
— Learning Executive, Major US Sports League