Rachel: Artist Residency in Portland at Siren Theater (Jan 2017)

After a few trips to Portland's Stumptown Improv Festival - I am hooked on that amazing city! I am pleased to announce I will be returning for a month-long stay to work with the incredible Siren Theater! While I am in town, I'll be teaching three 4-week classes, as well 3 one-off workshops. The classes are now open for registration! See below. Feel free to sign up and/or spread the word! I will also be doing some shows!

Portland Performance Schedule:

January 7, 8:00pm - Slide Show @ Siren Theater  
January 13, 7:30pm - Pillow Fight All Ladies Improv Show @ Siren Theater
January 13, 9:30pm North Coast (from NYC) at Broke Gravy Show! @ Curious Comedy Theater January 27 & 28th, 8:00pm - Lone Wolves / Rites: A One “Woman” Show @ Siren Theater

Weekly Classes

These classes all meet 4 times each & have a final performance.


Follow the Fun! Improv Workshop

Mondays January 2-23, 2017 from 7pm - 9pm, $135.00
at The Siren Theater

Level: Intermediate, advanced
Let’s follow the fun! In this workshop, students focus on discovery rather than invention. Taking improv from the purest form of “play” and expanding on any moment that we found genuinely fun, joyful or inspiring. Goodbye sweep edits! Using a catalog of seamless edits and pure inspiration, the group will support and lean on each other to build a fast­paced show that rapidly makes us discover that every single part of our show matters ­ and that mistakes are truly the best kinds of gifts. This is a high energy improv experience sure to leave you in hysterics.

Intro to Hip Hop Improv (Musical)

Wednesdays January 4-25, 2017 from 7pm - 9:30pm, $150.00
at The Siren Theater

Level: All Levels ­Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced
New York City’s premier hip hop comedy team, North Coast, is a unique collaboration of improvisational comedy, hip hop, beatboxing, and music. These musical improv classes will get you comfortable and confident with freestyle rapping and will teach you how to weave your rapped verses in and out of your scenes. You’ll get a feel for rhyme scheme basics, creating musical hooks, and up to three different ways to initiate into a hip hop improv song. Good scene work is imperative to good musical improv; let’s drill into the deal of your scene and its characters so you can learn how to set yourself up, find your flow, and rap from a place that matters.

*with live beatboxer accompanist

Intro to Musical Improv 

Thursdays January 5-26, 2017 from 7pm - 9:30pm, $150.00
at The Siren Theater

Level: All Levels ­ Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced
Want to combine your love of music with your love of improv? This class is for you! This musical intro class will get improvisers to find the emotional focal point of their improv scene so that when we sing ­ it’s coming from a place of inspiration. The class will focus on improvised song structures as well as incorporate side-­support and dancing! Your improvised show will have the audience saying, “There is no way this could be improvised!”

*with live accompanist

Saturday Workshops

Saturday, January 711AM- 2 PM
Intermediate-Advanced improv student

Dig Deep: Stop thinking so much in your scene and start listening, reacting and feeling. Invest in your ideas instead of invent new ones. Dig Deep offers students the skills and techniques necessary to listen and gift their scene-partners as well as themselves. By digging into the very first moment of the scene, we will extract characters with a point of view and an emotional grounding. By accepting the gifts we usually pass right by, we’ll embrace in-depth character choices: making comedic moments easy and heightening the scene effortless.  

Saturday, January 1411am-2pm

Varying levels, but some previous improv training required.

Come get an intense improv workout with North Coast's Rachel Rosenthal and your fellow lady improvisers. We will focus on all things improv- scenework, editing, listening, etc.

Saturday, January 711AM- 2 PM

Advanced Level. For improvisers who perform regularly.

How often do you get to play with improvisers from different troupes? Get a good improv workout focused on scene work with other fellow improvisers who perform regularly! 

The Siren Theater is located at 315 NW Davis in Portland, Oregon's China Town

Photo: Chelsea Petrakis Photography