Hip Hop Improv Comedy Fundamentals (Sept 2016)


Hip Hop Improv Comedy Fundamentals now open for registration at Reckless Theater! Co-taught by myself and Douglas Widick. 

I took the Reckless hip hop improv class with Rachel, Doug and Kaila, and it was my favorite class I’ve ever taken. I’ve truly never had more fun or felt more free in an improv class. From learning a little hip hop history, to some simple freestyle, to more complex rhyme schemes, and even some beatboxing, it was all-inclusive and a true joy to participate in each week. I give it my highest recommendation, and then call you back and recommend it again.
— Kantad Svendsgaard

Do you ever watch a North Coast show and wish "hey. I want to do that!?"

These musical improv classes will get you comfortable and confident with freestyle rapping and will teach you how to weave your rapped verses in and out of your scenes. You’ll get a feel for rhyme scheme basics, creating musical hooks, and three different ways to get into a hip hop improv song. Good scene work is imperative to good musical improv; let’s drill into the deal of your scene and its characters so you can learn how to set yourself up, find your flow, and rap from a place that matters.

Pre Req: Must have completed at least 2 levels of improv instruction at any theatre.

Sundays 3-6pm, September 11th – November 6th
(No class October 9th for Indigenous People’s Day/Columbus Day)
Class show Sunday, November 6th at 7pm

Instructors: Rachel Rosenthal & Douglas Widick

This class made me a better improviser. Rachel and Doug have this incredible gift of making you stop overthinking and worrying about the rhyme, and instead focus on simplifying and telling a detailed story. The progress that my peers and I made as rappers was absurd. After learning the elements of free styling in this class, Musical Improv has become a breeze.
— Julie A Feltman, Vern