The Generation Gap: Why Is This Show So Damn Special?

The Generation Gap: We delve into pop culture as we explore the humor in our age difference.

Tomorrow night is the second installment of my new show with RaeRoest, The Generation Gap, an interactive storytelling show. RaeRoest, (if you aren’t following Page 6!), is the comedy duo of Rachel Rosenthal and Sam De Roest.

Oct 11th's Theme: MUSIC!  (Specifically: Sum 41/Blink 182/Green Day v. 90's Hip Hop such as Another Bad Creation, Bell Biv DeVoe, & Boys ii Men!) How fun is this?

The Generation Gap- Square MUSIC-Final.png

Thur Oct 11 9:30pm

@ The PIT


The Generation Gap is like a Ted Talk meets a VH1 series meets... I don’t know like an insult-battle-roast-debate. The point is it’s awesome and hilarious. Rachel and Sam are a true comedy duo and this is a one of a kind show. Can’t recommend it enough!
— James Quesada, Former Director of Long Form at Go Comedy! Theater

About the Show: FAQ

Q: Is this improv? Is it Sketch? What is this thing, Rachel?

A: You can’t put me in a box! It’s definitely comedy but definitely not an improv show or a sketch show. It's an Interactive Storytelling show.

Q: What’s so special about The show Overall?

A: I’ve been reflecting on what is just so special about this show and I think it’s a multitude of factors.

  • The memories! This show is chock full of stories from childhood. And childhood was AWKWARD!

  • The preparation is challenging (we research our pop culture topics pretty thoroughly and create presentations.) As a girl who is used to showing up and just doing some improv - it’s a lot. But: once we are on stage together - it just flows. Sam and I have mind-reading chemistry (it’s what makes our improv so easy as well) and it’s super exciting to get to share pieces of ourselves with the audience.

Q: What’s so special about this month’s show?

A: I love comedy but nothing creates frisson (nostalgic goosebumps!) quite like music - and specifically for me…. every single song from 1991-1992. I’ve been having SO MUCH fun preparing for my portion of the show - and I know Sam has as well. We literally plan on the show ending with a dance party so… needless to say, it’s going to be a blast!

Q: Are you two a real couple?

A: Indeed! In fact, we live together. A hilarious challenge of doing this particular show is that we want many of the components to be a surprise to the other person. So… there is a lot of “go in the other room! Don’t look at my computer screen!” (which can be especially tough in a tiny Brooklyn apartment.)