Published! "This Can't Be Happening" on Amazon Original Stories

“‘Identity Thief’ is one of the most touching and poignant stories I’ve ever heard.”
— Paul Jorgenson (in article by NPR)
This Cant Be Happening

Huge Announcement!

I am incredibly proud and excited to share “Identity Thief” - my first ever published story - now available* on Amazon!

Click to order!

Click to order!

Writing this story in conjunction with Risk! Show and Amazon Publishing has been a work in progress since the beginning of 2018, but this project has, in some ways, been in the works for years.

I started dreaming about sharing this story - a very painful yet life-altering true experience - back in 2007. I used to draft letters and pitches to send to podcasts such as The Moth and This American Life, and even contacted Radio Lab at one point, in order to attempt inclusion on one of their podcasts. In 2014, my dream started to come true as I got to perform a 15 minute version of this true story live on the Risk podcast (listen here)! Little did I know, that would just be a first step in a series of career firsts. A year or two later, I was contacted by This American Life - one of the most popular (and my fave!) story podcasts in the world! Soon enough, I was in the studio, sitting across from Ira Glass himself, sharing some of the most vulnerable moments of my young adult life… and that was then shared with the world, when my episode “The Perils of Intimacy” came out in 2016 (listen here). A career goal and highlight, I never in a million years thought I’d be on This American Life! And since then, I’ve been contacted by strangers all over the world - sharing their stories of deception with me, and many of them thanking me for what I shared, as it helped them get through some really hard times.

But still - both of those incredibly exciting and valuable experiences were shortened and edited versions of my story, made to fit in a time slot - live or for radio. And the TAL version, edited greatly to fit neatly into an episode theme.

But then: Kevin Allison, of Risk, contacted me again - this time, with the greatest offer yet - an opportunity to share my story in full. Rather than condensing it down, I finally had the opposite assignment: write a 10,000 word version of your story! Get it all out there! Finally! A chance to share my story in full - the way I want to tell it.


Rather than condensing it down, I finally had the opposite assignment: write a 10,000 word version of your story!

And now: that story is published! Amazon has a brand new product called Amazon Original Stories and I am so proud to be part of one of their very first collections called “This Can’t Be Happening.” My story, Identity Thief is one of four in the series and it can be read as an e-book or listened to as an audiobook - with my very own voice doing the narration!

I'm just thrilled for you all to finally read/hear it!!

How can I Get A Copy?

  • Free for Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited members.

  • Or, you can purchase the stories as ebooks a la carte with the option to add digital audio (my voice!) for free. (If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app and read/listen to the stories on your phone, iPad, etc.)

  • You can order my story on its own - or the whole collection.


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*Available for Pre-Order now and out for good on 12/27/18!