Announcement: Joining The Brooklyn Comedy Collective

Thrilled to announce I am going to be joining the team at The Brooklyn Comedy Collective!

The Brooklyn Comedy Collective was created in 2018 by Philip Markle and Annie Donley to produce theater that fosters and encourages risk-taking from a diversity of voices, financially rewards artists, and inspires students to approach performance from a place of joy and fierceness.

That's the kind of team I can get on board with! 

They have taken up a residency at Brooklyn's Brick Theater in Williamsburg. Walking into the space the other night - seeing the black floors and and brick walls, I got that feeling I used to get in the old ImprovBoston space waaaay back when (2002-2008). This is where improv is made to be performed. 

My first class (Level 2) starts June 3rd - and  anyone with improv experience is automatically eligible to sign up right now.  Come by and see a show at BCC soon!