North Coast Performs for Climate Change Week!

Last weekend was an absolute honor.

Photos: Global Resilience Partnership

As you know, the UN’s Global Climate Change week took place in NYC, as some of the world’s most important people met to discuss the impending need for action surrounding our environment. I was lucky enough to perform with North Coast at the Global Resilience Partnership's parallel event: Building a Resilient Future.

In conjunction with the Red Cross Climate Centre, North Coast took the stage to amplify the messages from throughout the day the one way we know how: Through hip hop improv! (Mainly freestyle and beatbox).

Among those in the audience, we were honored to have Her Excellency, María Fernanda Espinosa, the President of the United Nations General Assembly. Not only did we get to hear her speak, but Ms. Espinosa shot and shared a portion of our performance on her social media!


We are very thankful to our Red Cross Climate Centre parters, specifically the inspiring Pablo Suarez, for sharing the importance of alternative learning with a greater audience. There is only so much we as a people can learn from powerpoint presentations and index cards. Sometimes learning has to be felt or experienced through humor, music, or otherwise. We were proud to be a part of this message and the greater message of resilience and action when pertaining to our environment.