Must Watch: Believe Her Film

Believe Her stars Allison Tolman.

Believe Her stars Allison Tolman.

I was incredibly lucky to play a tiny voice over role in this very powerful, important, and beautiful short film, BELIEVE HER. Created by Erin Doyle Cooper, starring Allison Tolman (Fargo / Emergence), and made by an #AllFemaleCrew!

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*Trigger Warning*

What’s different for me is that this film is very much not a comedy. This is a film about how difficult it is for women to report rape. The day of the shoot, I was supposed to head straight to a company-wide theater meeting at the place I was currently teaching. As most shoots do, this one went long and I (gladly) missed the meeting. The meeting I missed ended up revealing abuse of power and sexual misconduct at the theater - which consequently ended up closing permanently a week later. This shoot also ended up coinciding with the start of the #MeToo movement, and all of the media surrounding the Weinstein abuses.

The timing of all of that was not lost on me. To be honest, it led to a difficult few months for me emotionally. But all of that is just to say that films like this raise awareness and are REALLY important. People need to see them.

Please watch & share. Thank you for reading and thanks, Erin, for creating this incredible piece for all of us. <3