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New Show: RaeRoest Presents... The Generation Gap!

New Show Alert!

The Generation Gap: 
A Comedic Lesson on Pop Culture As Told By A Couple Reconciling with An Age Difference

I could not be more excited for this weekend’s first show of a new project RaeRoest has been working on! 

About The Show

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Comedians Rachel and Sam are romantically involved and have everything in common. Except for an age difference of 12 years. As a result, there is a certain gap of time that they have agreed they cannot talk about. They just cannot -- it’s just too weird!

Now, it’s time to talk about it. On stage. 

Each show explores 2 iconic pieces of nostalgic pop culture from their two different childhoods in great detail. By the end of each show, Sam and Rachel - and the audience - will have learned more about each phenomenon as well as about each other.


Show Dates

Sept 23rd @ 9pm
Oct 11th @ 9:30pM

Both shows at The PIT: 123 E 24th Street (@ Lex)



Rachel Rosenthal (North Coast / Big Bang Improv)

Sam De Roest (Thicket & Thistle / Curious Comedy Theater)

Tech by John Vogel!

North Coast Residency in Sarasota: Smothers Brothers, SunCoast View & More.

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining North Coast on the road in Sarasota Florida for 10 days.  We were hosted by the amazing Florida Studio Theatre and we started our week off at the 10th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival! 

Some Festival Highlights for me include: 

  • Doing a show with the legendary Smothers Brothers! After an in-person interview with Tom and Dick Smothers, North Coast got to do a performance of ANYBODY: The Smothers Brothers, with the two of them right there in the front row. Both brothers could not be more funny or more gracious. The whole thing was an absolutely surreal and emotional experience.

  • An incredible performance - to a Standing ovation! - with my improv team, Big Bang!

  • I got to perform in the Festival All Stars Show with some incredible performers from all over the world...

North Coast with Dick and Tom Smothers

North Coast with Dick and Tom Smothers

Once the festival had calmed down and most of the out of towners went home, we stuck around! I had the pleasure of teaching some awesome workshops with the incredible Sarasota-based performers. 

Hey, Mom! I'm On TV!

In promoting our Residency shows, I got interviewed on local ABC affiliate, the SunCoast View! Meg and I answered questions from the host and then we improvised a song. The whole thing happened so fast but we had such an incredible time and the hosts were nothing but gracious!


North Coast closed off the week with performances back at Florida Studio Theatre again. This time, I got to play in a show about Martin Luther King. Not only was the audience laughing, but we were all crying as well. At one point, the whole crowd was holding hands in a huge circle while we sang a song called "I Have A Dream." Now this is what improv is all about - and why I love the ANYBODY show so much.

The whole week was an absolute treat and a reminder to me that I get to do what I love as my career. On a daily basis, I get to travel, make people laugh, and teach improvisers the skills I am most passionate about. I'm very lucky to be leading this creative life. Thank you to Will Luera and everyone at Florida Studio Theatre!

Improv + Vermont + A Huge House = SkiProv 2018!

Improv + Vermont + A Huge House  = SkiProv 2018!

Grab your skis, a light winter jacket, and your best bits, and come join us for SkiProv 2018!  Join ~15 fellow Improvisers in Killington Vermont for a fun filled weekend of skiing (or hot tubbing, if that's more your thang!), community building, and improv! It's going to be the MOST fun weekend and you don't want to miss this.

North Coast: Comedy Tour to Europe!

It's the #NoCoEuroTowe've all been waiting for... 

This coming Friday, 4 lucky North Coast cast members set off for Europe on a two-country mini tour! And, I'm one of them. Eeek!! We will be heading to London, England to teach 12 hours of workshops (yes, you read that right) and perform 2 shows.


North Coast in London Shows

Saturday April 1
7pm:  Show at the Miller Pub
96 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SS (tube: London Bridge)
Facebook event


Sunday April 2
6pm: Show at The Horse & Stables
22-124 Westminster Bridge (tube: Waterloo)
Facebook event / Website Link


North Coast in Reykjavik!

After that... we are off to Reykjavik, Iceland for the Reykjavik International Improv Festival!  I'm not sure when our set is, to be honest, but if you have friends in the area - just tell them to hit me up and I'll get them the scoop. I'm super honored to be teaching a scenework workshop while I'm in Iceland, and North Coast will be doing a workshop as well!

I cannot wait. Let's do this, Europe!

Header Photo credit: Giancarlo Osaben