Big Bang

Providence Journal Interview About PVD Improv Fest!

The people who succeed at improv, are the ones who are brave and lean into the support of their team.

This weekend I am heading back to Providence Improv Festival to perform with both Big Bang and North Coast! I am also teaching a workshop. The Providence Journal called me up to ask some questions about me and the kind of improv I like to do.

And now all the world knows that I've never seen Hamilton. Ugh!

They also interviewed my good friend, Molly Gaebe. Check out the article and if you’re in the area - come see one of the shows!

Portland likes us. They really like us!

“All the Best Stuff and Even More Best Stuff at the Fifth Stumptown Improv Festival”

Big Bang! Photo: Chelsea Petrakis Photography

Big Bang! Photo: Chelsea Petrakis Photography

Before I headed back to Portland OR and Stumptown Improv Festival with both Big Bang and North Coast, The Portland Mercury put out their not-to-miss show recomendations. In such an incredible lineup of shows, i am absolutely honored to see both of my teams on this short list!

I’m sure everyone is sick of how much I love North Coast, so I will refrain from (THEY’RE THE BEST! SEE BOTH SHOWS! SEE BOTH SHOWS!) pointing out anything other than the fact that North Coast is coming at us this year with their own version of improv Hamilton, “a full, factually accurate improv set to satisfy your hunger for hip-hop history.” I can’t even imagine, but only North Coast could pull something like that off.
— The Portland Mercury

Big Bang Gets a Great Review at their Stumptown Debut!

They were so funny, I forgot to take notes.
— Portland Mercury
Rachel Rosenthal was at the top of her game - per usual...
— Portland Mercury

I've been going to the Stumptown Improv Fest for the past few years with North Coast - but his year, Big Bang joined me and we made a splash! The Portland Mercury seemed to enjoy the show a lot - as did the audience! Can't wait to head back next year!