Portland likes us. They really like us!

“All the Best Stuff and Even More Best Stuff at the Fifth Stumptown Improv Festival”

Big Bang! Photo: Chelsea Petrakis Photography

Big Bang! Photo: Chelsea Petrakis Photography

Before I headed back to Portland OR and Stumptown Improv Festival with both Big Bang and North Coast, The Portland Mercury put out their not-to-miss show recomendations. In such an incredible lineup of shows, i am absolutely honored to see both of my teams on this short list!

I’m sure everyone is sick of how much I love North Coast, so I will refrain from (THEY’RE THE BEST! SEE BOTH SHOWS! SEE BOTH SHOWS!) pointing out anything other than the fact that North Coast is coming at us this year with their own version of improv Hamilton, “a full, factually accurate improv set to satisfy your hunger for hip-hop history.” I can’t even imagine, but only North Coast could pull something like that off.
— The Portland Mercury

Improv + Vermont + A Huge House = SkiProv 2018!

Improv + Vermont + A Huge House  = SkiProv 2018!

Grab your skis, a light winter jacket, and your best bits, and come join us for SkiProv 2018!  Join ~15 fellow Improvisers in Killington Vermont for a fun filled weekend of skiing (or hot tubbing, if that's more your thang!), community building, and improv! It's going to be the MOST fun weekend and you don't want to miss this.

Portland Mercury Interviews Rachel about her Artist Residency at Siren Theater


For the month of January 2017, I am doing an Artist Residency at The Siren Theater in Portland Oregon. I've just begun teaching classes this week - and the shows start this weekend! It's incredible to be working in a brand new city bursting with improv talent. (They have had new improv theaters open here every year I've been here!)

Before I arrived, I chatted on the phone with Arts Writer, Suzette Smith, all about Hip Hop Improv, beatboxing, traveling for work, and of course, "having sex with windows."  

Portland Mercury: Can you teach me to sound like a Beastie Boy in four weeks?
Rachel: Maybe like a Beastie Child.

For a list of all upcoming shows and classes in Portland, go here.

A Rave Review of North Coast in Portland OR!

NorthCoast-Stumptown-2016-Ryan Kelly Coil.jpg

Rachel and some of the North Coast cast performed for the second year in a row at the Stumptown Improv Festival in Portland Oregon.  Check out the Rave Review of North Coast's performance. The title of the review starts with "Holy Shit! North Coast!" so... we think they liked it.

I have a feeling that North Coast is either really popular (and I just don’t know about it because I live really far from New York) or they are about to blow the f*ck up soon. ...if you get a chance to see North Coast, see North Coast!
— The Portland Mercury

Upcoming Classes: Level 2 Improv at The PIT

Summer 2016: Improv Classes

I love teaching at the Peoples Improv Theater! I'm happy to announce I am starting to teach Level 2 Improv for the theater. I have 3 different classes currently available for this summer!

Improv Levels 1 & 2 (combined) Summer Intensive

Improv Level 2 - Tuesdays (Daytime)

Improv Level 2 - Tuesdays (Evening)

photo credit: Mark Stetson

photo credit: Mark Stetson