Podcast alert! Listen to my interview on Reckless Conversations

I recently sat down with Richard Krysztoforski & Will Huebner at Reckless Radio (of Reckless Theatre!) to discuss my improv career from Age 11 to present! And, What a fun interview! Huzzah.

As per usz, I shout out to ImprovBoston (Will Luera!), Big Bang, Improv Foundry (Matt Fisher!), Curtain Call and the Half Pint Players, Corporate Improv, Barcelona Improv Group (Noah Levin!), David Byrne and obviously North Coast! I also talk for some reason about taking a boat from Japan to China.

Happy listening! And Please share!

I perform at Reckless Theatre every Thursday night at 8:30pm with my house team, Nemesis. Come on by!

You can also listen on Itunes, Stitcher and wherever you find your podcasts!

Rachel is a "Tour de Force" - A.V. Club

I told a story on the Risk! podcast and apparently, The AV Club loved it!  I’m blown away by this awesome review.

"But it’s the last story by Rachel Rosenthal that’s the real tour de force. Her piece recounts the many twists, turns, and torments of a years-long battle against an identity thief; it’s a disturbing saga that, without giving too much away, comes to an end with a horrifying revelation. Rosenthal finds moments of humor in bleak circumstances, making her piece one that’s worth skipping ahead for, even in an episode as good as this one."

- Dan Fitchette, A.V. Club

Listen to the Podcast

(My story starts at 53:50 min)