Providence Journal Interview About PVD Improv Fest!

The people who succeed at improv, are the ones who are brave and lean into the support of their team.

This weekend I am heading back to Providence Improv Festival to perform with both Big Bang and North Coast! I am also teaching a workshop. The Providence Journal called me up to ask some questions about me and the kind of improv I like to do.

And now all the world knows that I've never seen Hamilton. Ugh!

They also interviewed my good friend, Molly Gaebe. Check out the article and if you’re in the area - come see one of the shows!

Portland likes us. They really like us!

“All the Best Stuff and Even More Best Stuff at the Fifth Stumptown Improv Festival”

Big Bang! Photo: Chelsea Petrakis Photography

Big Bang! Photo: Chelsea Petrakis Photography

Before I headed back to Portland OR and Stumptown Improv Festival with both Big Bang and North Coast, The Portland Mercury put out their not-to-miss show recomendations. In such an incredible lineup of shows, i am absolutely honored to see both of my teams on this short list!

I’m sure everyone is sick of how much I love North Coast, so I will refrain from (THEY’RE THE BEST! SEE BOTH SHOWS! SEE BOTH SHOWS!) pointing out anything other than the fact that North Coast is coming at us this year with their own version of improv Hamilton, “a full, factually accurate improv set to satisfy your hunger for hip-hop history.” I can’t even imagine, but only North Coast could pull something like that off.
— The Portland Mercury

North Coast Residency in Sarasota: Smothers Brothers, SunCoast View & More.

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining North Coast on the road in Sarasota Florida for 10 days.  We were hosted by the amazing Florida Studio Theatre and we started our week off at the 10th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival! 

Some Festival Highlights for me include: 

  • Doing a show with the legendary Smothers Brothers! After an in-person interview with Tom and Dick Smothers, North Coast got to do a performance of ANYBODY: The Smothers Brothers, with the two of them right there in the front row. Both brothers could not be more funny or more gracious. The whole thing was an absolutely surreal and emotional experience.

  • An incredible performance - to a Standing ovation! - with my improv team, Big Bang!

  • I got to perform in the Festival All Stars Show with some incredible performers from all over the world...

North Coast with Dick and Tom Smothers

North Coast with Dick and Tom Smothers

Once the festival had calmed down and most of the out of towners went home, we stuck around! I had the pleasure of teaching some awesome workshops with the incredible Sarasota-based performers. 

Hey, Mom! I'm On TV!

In promoting our Residency shows, I got interviewed on local ABC affiliate, the SunCoast View! Meg and I answered questions from the host and then we improvised a song. The whole thing happened so fast but we had such an incredible time and the hosts were nothing but gracious!


North Coast closed off the week with performances back at Florida Studio Theatre again. This time, I got to play in a show about Martin Luther King. Not only was the audience laughing, but we were all crying as well. At one point, the whole crowd was holding hands in a huge circle while we sang a song called "I Have A Dream." Now this is what improv is all about - and why I love the ANYBODY show so much.

The whole week was an absolute treat and a reminder to me that I get to do what I love as my career. On a daily basis, I get to travel, make people laugh, and teach improvisers the skills I am most passionate about. I'm very lucky to be leading this creative life. Thank you to Will Luera and everyone at Florida Studio Theatre!

Comedy Cake Interview with Meg Reilly & Rachel Rosenthal of North Coast!

Comedy Cake Interview with Meg Reilly & Rachel Rosenthal of North Coast!

NORTH COAST’s residency at the Caveat, New York’s newest and undeniably unique speakeasy, is currently in full swing. The NYC improv theater team are bringing audiences weekly performances of their hip-hop musical ANYBODY throughout the month of March and you should be jazzed to check it out. Here is an interview with Rachel Rosenthal and Meg Reilly about the latest run of shows!

Big Bang Gets a Great Review at their Stumptown Debut!

They were so funny, I forgot to take notes.
— Portland Mercury
Rachel Rosenthal was at the top of her game - per usual...
— Portland Mercury

I've been going to the Stumptown Improv Fest for the past few years with North Coast - but his year, Big Bang joined me and we made a splash! The Portland Mercury seemed to enjoy the show a lot - as did the audience! Can't wait to head back next year!

Portland Mercury Interviews Rachel about her Artist Residency at Siren Theater


For the month of January 2017, I am doing an Artist Residency at The Siren Theater in Portland Oregon. I've just begun teaching classes this week - and the shows start this weekend! It's incredible to be working in a brand new city bursting with improv talent. (They have had new improv theaters open here every year I've been here!)

Before I arrived, I chatted on the phone with Arts Writer, Suzette Smith, all about Hip Hop Improv, beatboxing, traveling for work, and of course, "having sex with windows."  

Portland Mercury: Can you teach me to sound like a Beastie Boy in four weeks?
Rachel: Maybe like a Beastie Child.

For a list of all upcoming shows and classes in Portland, go here.

A Rave Review of North Coast in Portland OR!

NorthCoast-Stumptown-2016-Ryan Kelly Coil.jpg

Rachel and some of the North Coast cast performed for the second year in a row at the Stumptown Improv Festival in Portland Oregon.  Check out the Rave Review of North Coast's performance. The title of the review starts with "Holy Shit! North Coast!" so... we think they liked it.

I have a feeling that North Coast is either really popular (and I just don’t know about it because I live really far from New York) or they are about to blow the f*ck up soon. ...if you get a chance to see North Coast, see North Coast!
— The Portland Mercury

The "My Ovaries Exploded" Music Video Proves Just How Dangerous Your #Feels Can Be

Improv performers Rachel Rosenthal and Katy Berry have delivered the ovary-themed summer jam you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

I co-wrote and starred in a  new video that came out last week and it got an awesome write-up on Bustle

"Improv performers Rachel Rosenthal and Katy Berry have delivered the ovary-themed summer jam you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Their music video for the song “My Ovaries Exploded” will have you bobbing your head, rapping along, and possibly also clutching your sides involuntarily. Because emotions? They are violent..."

Continue reading below. 

Following the Fear with Comedian and Improv Performer Rachel Rosenthal

Honored to have been interviewed recently by This article follows my career from my very first improv class, to working in NYC, to my solo show heading to Boston this coming weekend...  

Rachel Rosenthal wants you to follow your fear. The comedian, improv performer and rapper says she applies that basic principle of improv to her work, as well as to her life. “When we do things that are exciting there’s always this fear that comes with it,” Rosenthal said in a recent interview with JewishBoston.
— Judy Bolton-Fasman

Rachel Rosenthal's Solo Show coming to Boston

Check out the sweet Press Release from ImprovBoston about my upcoming performance on May 14th! I performed at ImprovBoston for close to 10 years. Getting back there with my own solo show this spring feels like a really great way to return “home.” 


Read the full Press Release and, ya know, pass it onto all of your media contacts!

Rites: A One “Woman” Show for one night only in Boston!

@ ImprovBoston
May 14th 7pm
With Standup from Dana Jay Bein!

Rachel is a "Tour de Force" - A.V. Club

I told a story on the Risk! podcast and apparently, The AV Club loved it!  I’m blown away by this awesome review.

"But it’s the last story by Rachel Rosenthal that’s the real tour de force. Her piece recounts the many twists, turns, and torments of a years-long battle against an identity thief; it’s a disturbing saga that, without giving too much away, comes to an end with a horrifying revelation. Rosenthal finds moments of humor in bleak circumstances, making her piece one that’s worth skipping ahead for, even in an episode as good as this one."

- Dan Fitchette, A.V. Club

Listen to the Podcast

(My story starts at 53:50 min)